The Project

Crossroads Europe, co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union, aims at fostering cross-cutting dialogue about the EU, the challenges facing it and its future through a series of offline events dedicated to main forms of organised civil society (trade unions, student organisations, business associations and NGOs) and policy makers. The project will equip them with the necessary tools to elaborate policy recommendations around four key themes and, at the same time, it will raise awareness among them of the benefits of a closer EU.
The project will be implemented through a Training on 27-28 June 2020 and a series of 6 Labs hosted in different cities organised by a consortium of local CSOs.

Each lab will define its own discussion agenda from among one of the following themes according to local preferences:

  • Climate change

  • Global Europe

  • Security & Freedom

  • Democracy.

A pool of experts set-up for the project will give advice and expertise all over its implementation. Policy recommendations resulting from the Labs will be regularly sent to MEPs, Commissioners and the Conference on the future of the EU team. Moreover, they will be gathered in a handout published at the end of the project and exploited beyond the project lifetime.